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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Call for Papers

Scientific journals bulge with announcements for a "call for papers" so that scientists around the world can raise their heads from test tubes and standard deviation calculations and share their latest work with their colleagues around the world.

As a chemist, I've always been most interested in reading about the first stages of research where the final answer is not known yet and where hope and exhilaration of "the thrill of the hunt" activates the mind and imagination.

Cloister Voices would also like to announce a "call for papers" of another kind, an investigation into our memories of catalytic encounters with unusual people. When and where did you meet someone unique who provided you with synchronistic synergism enough to excite the electrons of your life into a higher orbital, perhaps even to the point where your life began to glow.

Please share these stories with Cloister Voices by submitting them to cloistervoices at gmail dot com.


  1. Awww. :-( I just found your blog the day after the deadline. Oh well, I'm glad I found your blog anyway (via Andy and Mel) and will look forward to reading the stories sent in. :-)

  2. It's NEVER too late. Send in your entry at your leisure! Glad you stopped by!

  3. Okay, thank you. :-) I will be back, but not this weekend. I just had my first book published this week and my brain cells have turned to fluff. I tried to butter a radish at lunch yesterday.

    I've passed your blog link on to some friends of mine who I am hoping will return here with their own wonderful hermit/mystic stories.

  4. Congratulations!!!!!! On the book. You deserve a little marshmallow brain with that news.

    I look forward to your piece after you've recovered. Thanks for passing the info along.

  5. Thank you. It feels amazingly good seeing my story as a real book. :-)

    I've just sent off my finished story to your email.

    I'm thrilled to see one friend I contacted (Jean-Jacques) has already sent you his story. I'm going to go nudge a few other bloggers I suspect will have equally enjoyable tales to spin for you. ;-)